Pro Spray Fix - The Spray Adhesive

Glue for Textiles
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You might have seen it once or twice in your life. Or even experienced. After a while your helmet loses its guts, the stuffing. Whereas helmets are predictably resistant on the outside, the inside might have its flaws from time to time. You can now use a normal glue straight out of the supermarket of course, but let us tell you: That will do it only for little time. And often you need a ton of it to stick one square centimeter. Let us show to you our solution for this issue: Pro Spray Fix. Spray this adhesive on the surface, press the other part onto it, wait (very important) and the stuffing stays there where it is supposed to stay.

That's Pro Spray Fix - The Spray Adhesive

  • quick and simple to use

  • high adhesion


Shake Pro Spray Fix and spray it from about 20 cm on the surface. Press the other part onto the surface and your done.

↓Have a look at our PROSCHOOL-Tutorial-Video on how to use our spray adhesive↓

Pro Spray Fix - The Spray Adhesive
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