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It all started in 1992, when Hubert Inama founded PRO-TEC ITALIA. The main focus was set on chemical products for maintenance and reparations service. And it still works pretty well, even after 25 years. On both the Italian and international market, PRO-TEC ITALIA was able to build a network of salesmen operative in the most successful manner.

But Mr Inama is not just a entrepreneur. To find inner peace outside of his office, as many of us he devotes his spare-time to sports activities. As chance would have it, skiing and cycling are his favorites. It was actually not a long shot to come to the conclusion that our products will not only perform in the industrial branch but might be pretty useful with exactly those two disciplines.

Sports are not a mere recreational activity anymore. It turns more and more into a highly technological and sophisticated industry. Bikes are not only a compound of a plain frame and two wheels anymore, the times skis were two shaped pieces of plain wood or plastics are over. The technology behind has matured and is the result of long-term research and numerous tests.

Hence, we are not too far away from the sophisticated machines we come across in many factories or plants. And we know: Such technologies need proper care.

PROED is not meant to be added to other common maintenance products for your sports equipment. This brand has been created to give new incentives, to bring up new ideas and, of course, to contribute to the well-being and utmost care for your sporty loved ones.



PROED is not just here to make the frame shiny, to let the chain run smoothly or to remove scratches from the base of your skis. We from PROED want that people will get aware of the importance of prevention and quality-maintenance. We want that all athletes, be it professionals or amateurs, realize the importance of proper care of their loved equipment. And we want you to do it yourself, in your garage, without further expenses.

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