Pro Multi Foam - The Universal Foam Cleaner

Cleaner for All Materials
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Pro Multi Foam here, Pro Multi Foam there, Pro Multi Foam everywhere. Yes sir, not only is it a great way to clean bike frames, no, you can clean much more. Textiles for example. Your ski- or snowboard-equipment is dirty? The spray will penetrate it, dissolve the dirt and as always, you only need a paper cloth to wipe it off. And maybe your boots need a neat cleaning, too. Well, we all know where this is going.

That's Pro Multi Foam - The Universal Foam Cleaner

  • profound cleaning in short time
  • easy application
  • ecologically sound


The can contains active foam, which immediately reacts with the dirt and detaches it from the surface. Just wait a few minutes after spraying it onto the surface and wipe it off with a paper cloth

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