Pro Rea-Gas - The Base Pretreatment

Gas for High Surface Energy
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Have you ever heard of highly energetic surfaces? No? Well, you will now. Every material has a certain amount of surface energy that points out whether a material has high adhesional characteristics or not. Low surface energy – low adhesion. High surface energy – high adhesion. As the base of skis and snowboards is categorized as a low-energetic surface, repairing it with Pro MPW Bond might bring along some issues. Don't worry, the process works also without the surface-pretreatment, it just does a better job with higher energy. That's when you use Pro Rea-Gas. Through flame treatment with a Bunsen burner (Pro Rea-Burn) the gas creates a silicate layer of high surface energy. If you apply Pro MPW Bond now, it easily bonds with the pretreated surface which enhances the quality of the repair. Just move the flame over the spot that needs to be fixed, turn it off (waste is the enemy) and you can start with maintenance. 

This is Pro Rea-Gas - The Base Pretreatment

  • easy to use
  • raises surface energy and thus adhesion
  • provides better bonding with Pro MPW Bond


Clean the surface with Pro Safety Clean. Just run the flame over the spot that needs to be fixed, turn it off and start working

↓Have a look at our PROSCHOOL-Tutorial-Video on how to use our base pretreatment↓

Pro Rea-Gas - The Base Pretreatment
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