Pro MPW Bond - The Base Restorer

Structural Adhesive for the Base
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Do you know the feeling? You got your new skis or your fancy snowboard, want to feel a nice mountain breeze while racing down the slope and there it happened: A loose rock just gets under the base and cracks out an actual crater – might be pretty upsetting. When it comes to a certain level of damages, even the repair-candles cannot work miracles. However, we actually can. Pro MPW Bond is a structural adhesive on a methyl methacrylat-base that perfectly meets your needs when it comes to fill up deep scratches or holes on your base and make it look and work as new. Adding to this, the whole repair-process takes just few minutes. 

That's Pro MPW Bond - Restoration of the Base

  • easy and fast fixing of major damages
  • simple yet professional maintenance
  • keeps your base always looking young
  • more money for après-ski 


Clean the surface with Pro Safety Clean and pre-treat with Pro Rea-Gas, add the mixer to your Pro MPW Bond and apply the product on the spot to be repaired. Remove residues and let it dry for 30 minutes. Cut smooth with a rasp and for the final touch, use some sandpaper. Well done! If you are into scars, just apply our amber-version, so every scratch gets its own story


  • Take off the mixer immediately after use and close the cartridge to prevent it from drying out.
  • The 50-ml-cartridge must be used with MPW Pistol whereas with the 25 ml it is not necessary.

↓Have a look at our PROSCHOOL-Tutorial-Video on how to use our structural adhesive↓

Pro MPW Bond - The Base Restorer
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