Pro Multi Super 5 - The Bindings-Spray

Protection & Lubrication for Bindings
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You are not stable in the bindings, your foot seems to be loose? Well, that is the outcome when too much water gets in contact with them. There are many spots that are hardly reachable for your hands and not exposed to your sight, but water always finds them. As soon as it mixes up with dust and dirt, it can be quite annoying to clean those spots. As far as the bindings are concerned, that can be also quite dangerous. And nobody wants Captain Hindsight to show up, raise the finger and quote those famous words: "I told you so“. Let's spare that and counter with Captain Foresight aka Pro Multi Super 5 aka MS5. It lubricates, it cleans, it is an anti corrosive, thus, prevents from rust and keeps dust away. Adding to this, it is water repellent which helps to avoid pluggings at those notorious, hardly reachable spots. Apply it on your bindings. 

That's Pro Multi Super 5 - The Bindings-Spray

  • anti corrosion
  • anti rust
  • superficial lubrication of the chain and moving parts
  • superficial cleaning
  • water-repellent


Clean the components with Pro Safety Clean if possible. Crack the do-it-yourself-cannula off the cap and stick it onto the valve. Spray small amounts onto respective spots. Done!

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